Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, it looks like I'm going to Kenya next month. Through a strange series of events and people who happen to know someone who in turn knows someone, I got connected with a man by the name of Fady who runs an organization called WePartner. WePartner ( is an organization that tries to help connect people with needs in their communities. As Fady is an IT guy by trade, a lot of the projects he's been involved in have been IT projects. They've also done a lot of work in the Middle East (Fady grew up in Egypt). Recently, someone from the Rift Valley Academy in Kenya contacted him about getting some help with their systems. At the same time, I had mentioned my trip to Malawi to a friend, and he had been talking to Fady about Kenya, and he connected the two of us.

I got a chance to talk with Fady a bit, and surprisingly, it seems that I have just the skills they were still looking for for their team. After that first chat and a conversation with my wife, I decided to join the team!

Both my wife and I have felt like Africa is a place we'd like to be involved with for a long time. Our trip to Malawi cemented that for us. We've also always been more of the service missions type of people than evangelistic missions type of people. It's just the way we're wired. The chance to go and use the skills that I've been developing over the last decade on a missions trip seems to be a dream come true.

The hardest part of planning for any missions trip for me has always been fundraising. That being said, a wise person told me along time ago that fundraising is an opportunity for people who either don't have the ability or desire to go on these trips to be involved. So that's where you come in friends. The trip is going to cost about $2,000. I will be paying a significant part of that, but if you're interested in helping financially, I would love to have you partner with me in this. I'm still talking with WePartner about the details of how people can donate, so I'll follow up with those details shortly. Thanks, and we're off to Kenya May 14th!


  1. Wow! Exciting! Keep me posted.

  2. One for your mental Rolodex...

    I have also posted the url for this post on his site.

    Take care.-Sarah